Increase Revenue after Holiday Season!

This is a great article from 2013 for Restaurant Owners for increasing revenue after the holiday season is over!


Why You Should By A New Commercial Fryer

Here at wholesale food equipment we get a lot of customers who like to buy used equipment. Used equipment can be great buy for any restaurant or commercial establishment, especially when you are in a tight budget crunch. The lower price point can be a huge deciding factor when making major purchases. Many businesses purchase used equipment to outfit their food service business and cut startup costs.

Americans, we love fried food. No one wants to admit it but we do. This makes creating a restaurant that sells fried foods a no brainer. And with that comes the need to buy a commercial fryer and not just one. Many restaurant owners want to stretch their dollar as far as it can take them. We understand, who doesn’t want to get more for less.

As great as cutting your costs is, when looking for a commercial fryer, more is definitely more. Let us give you some honest advice, if you can afford it get a new one. It is a fact of life that fryers will break down. Fryers can cost a lot to get fixed. And unfortunately, fryers can only be fixed so many times. A new tank can far outweigh the price of buying a new fryer. The average fryer runs around $800.00 brand new. The cost to replace a fryer tank alone can cost up to $1200.00. That is more than the brand new fryer sticker price.

There is probably a reason why the fryer is being sold used. Don’t get us wrong, if the history of the items is known, used equipment can be a valuable asset. Used equipment is not bad. In fact, most used equipment is very good. However, if you are in the market for a commercial restaurant fryer please buy new and save yourself the headache. Buying a commercial fryer new will save you a lot of time and agony in the long run. Please, trust us on this one.