Top Ten Greatest Things About A Pizza Shop



It’s Pizza Party Friday! Who doesn’t love going to the pizza shop? We usually go to pizza shops to install pizza ovens and other equipment in them but today we thought we would explore the awesomeness of pizza shops. So we decided to write a top ten list about what makes pizza shops so great. Here they are…the top ten greatest things about a pizza shop.

10. It’s informal. Most pizza shops are neighborhood restaurant. The vibe is very relaxed and comfortable. So jeans and T-shirt is usually what you’ll find pizza shop employees wearing, as well as their customers. Who gets dressed up to go to a pizzeria? And if you live in a college town, chances are that you will be going to the local pizzeria in your PJs. Yup. We’ve all done it. We won’t even talk about what some people wear when they get delivery pizza. That’s another top ten list for a future time. Which brings us to number nine.

9. There’s bound to be at least one guy/girl who works there who is totally hot. Can we say #Eyecandyalert!?

8. Everyone is usually very friendly. Ever walk into a pizza shop and saw everyone angry? If you have, our apologizes. But normally everyone is pretty accommodating. It’s pizza… Who’s not happy about getting ready to eat? 

7. It’s warm in the winter! It you’re from the East Coast, you know those winters can be brutally cold. Especially in New York City where the buildings form those lovely wind tunnels. You might as well be in the tundra! But then you see and smell the scent of pizza and you step into that warm pizza shop. It’s like heaven. Because they are always cooking pizza in those hot pizza ovens, it is always slightly warm in there. There is nothing like thawing out a little while you order yourself a slice. This brings me to number eight. 

6. THEY SMELL LIKE Pizzaaassss! The smell of pizza could definitely be considered an aphrodisiac! The smell of pizza when you’re hungry, is like crack to a junkie, seriously! It’s intoxicating and wraps itself around you like a blanket, a warm fuzzy, pizza blanket. Ok we’re going overboard but you know what we mean. And if you don’t, you have never had great pizza at a pizza shop! Sorry. 

5. They usually sell more than just pizza. Have you ever gone to a pizzeria and only saw pizza on the menu? No, right and you never will. You know why? As much as we love pizza, we don’t love it all the time. We love the pizza shop because it’s convenient and we love the smell thing. So we’ll go there to order a calzone, pasta, and garlic knots. Some places even have beef patties w/ mozzarella on it. I’m so hungry right now…lol. They also usually sell one more thing that everyone loves and that is…

4. Italian Ice. Yes we must pause for a moment of silence in honor of the Ice… You know there is nothing better on a hot, hot summer day than buying and eating a nice, soft and cold flavored Italian Ice from the pizza shop…

3. It’s Cheap! Rather, the food is usually inexpensive. You can get a meal quick meal for a decent price at a pizzeria. Unless you go to one of those specialty/ gourmet pizza restaurants, which can really get expensive.

2. They sell comfort food that is good for you!!! Unless you’re lactose intolerant, which totally sucks if you are a pizza lover. L Pizza makes everything better. We have had some of my best ideas pop up while we were eating pizza.  The cheese has calcium, the tomato sauce has beneficial lycopene and crust has fiber, however miniscule. So it’s not totally bad for you.

1. Pizza = party. Therefore, pizza shop equals party place!!! I mean look at Chuck E. Cheese and other pizza party establishments. If pizza is there, like Solo cups, it’s a Party! Period! 

So those are our top ten reasons why pizza shops are awesome! Let us know what are your top ten things that make a pizza shop great in the comments below or tell us your top ten greatest things about pizza shops on Facebook and Twitter


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